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InterVA provides the leading public-domain resources for interpreting verbal autopsy data

InterVA - the background

More than half of the world's deaths pass without any formal registration of the cause of death. This is a major problem for understanding the world's health problems, and for planning the best solutions.

For many years, researchers and policy makers have been undertaking Verbal Autopsy (VA) interviews with people who were present at someone's death - to get more information, and try to determine the cause of death.

But there remains a problem - how to interpret VA interviews reliably and consistently in order to arrive at causes of death?

InterVA is a suite of computer models to facilitate interpreting VAs, and the latest versions and information are available on a public-domain basis from this site. This research is based at the Ume Centre for Global Health Research, in northern Sweden, which also hosts the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Verbal Autopsy .

NEWS: the BBC features a WHO 2012 and InterVA mobile phone app in Malawi - read about it on the BBC News health website

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