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We were delighted to release InterVA-4, a new integrated and improved version of our models, in August 2012. It's being widely used around the world. 

A technical update was issued in March 2013, fixing a problem that arose for infant deaths using indicators 4000, 4010, 4020, 4030, 4040, 4070, 4080, 4240 or 4250, which was labelled version 4.01.

During a WHO workshop on perinatal causes of death (Geneva, 4-7 June 2013) it was found that InterVA-4 tended to overestimate infectious causes of death in the first days of life. Accordingly, in accordance with expert opinion from Dr. Rajiv Bahl and Prof. Daniel Chandramohan, an adjustment was made to correct this. The updated version is labelled 4.02.

InterVA-4 version 4.03 was issued on 12th January 2016 as a technical update. This fixes two minor technical issues, which only generally result in very small changes in outputs. The full open-source code is also released with this version, and the user manual is updated.

The current version is InterVA-4 4.04, issued on 6th June 2017. Its technical content is exactly the same as 4.03, but includes updated details on the free open-source licence under which InterVA software is provided.



InterVA-4 - the all-cause, all-age model for PCs, corresponding to the 2012 WHO Verbal Autopsy Instrument

This model is designed to interpret VA data for deaths from all causes and at all ages in a community. It runs on Windows-based PCs and is available for download here.

A User Guide to InterVA-4 in PDF format is included in the download.

InterVA-4 incorporates experience from InterVA-3 and InterVA-M, as well as expertise from a consultation process that has followed the development of the 2012 WHO Verbal Autopsy Instrument.

Disclaimer: It is a condition of downloading and using the InterVA-4 software that users take complete responsibility for its use and for any consequences arising. In particular, it should be emphasised that the model is designed to enable the epidemiological interpretation of whole-community mortality data, and should not be applied to investigations of individual deaths.

Webelieve that InterVA-4 is now the best tool to use for all VA interpretation, but if you have some particular need for one of the earlier models of InterVA on a legacy basis, please contact us.







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