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Peter Byass is Director of the Centre for Global Health Research, and has worked in global health for more than 20 years, for much of that time having been associated with Ume on a part-time basis. He specialises in measuring and quantifying health issues in developing countries.

He manages the Centre together with a Steering Group, whose members are shown below, together with the leaders of the five research themes.


John Kinsman is a social scientist, with a particular interest in AIDS in Africa, as well as other global health issues. John serves as Deputy Director for the Centre.




Anneli Ivarsson is a paediatrician, who has specialised in coeliac disease research. She currently heads the Division of Epidemiology and Public Health Sciences.




Stig Wall founded the Division of Epidemiology and Public Health Sciences at Ume more than 20 years ago. Stig has a considerable track record of health research both within Scandinavia and in collaboration with many developing countries. He was the founding Director of the Centre for Global Health Research and continues to work as Senior Advisor.



Maria Nilsson is the Centre's Research to Policy Leader, specialising in bridging the gaps that sometimes occur between research findings and policy decisions.





Nawi Ng, leader of theme I (Epidemiological Transition) is a physician from Indonesia whose research interests centre on the epidemiology of chronic diseases and their risk factors in developing countries.




Kristina Lindvall, leader of theme II (Life Course Perspective) is a nutritionist, involved in work on life-course weight maintenance.




Anna-Karin Hurtig, leader of theme III (Strengthening Primary Health Care) is a public health physician who has worked extensively in Latin America, among other locations. She also leads the Swedish Research School in Global Health.




Ann hman, leader of theme IV (Gender and Health), originally a physiotherapist, is an established gender researcher and also leads the Ume Centre for Gender Research.





Joacim Rocklv, leader of theme V (Climate Change and Health) is a statistician and numerical modeller, also closely associated with the DengueTools programme.






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